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    The battery is a 3 cells high grade Lithium-Polymer battery, with a capacity of 1,000 mAh at 11.1 volts and a discharge capacity of 10C. It includes a PCM (Protection Circuit Module) which protects the battery against over charge, over discharge and short circuits. The battery is protected by a rigid casing, and complies with UL2054 safety standards. It has two connectors: one discharge connector to provide current to the drone, and another smaller one for balance charging. The balance charging ensures an optimal charge of each cell to provide a better capacity and longer lifetime. The AR.Drone works only with Parrot AR.Drone battery. Refer to the Parrot logo hologram on the side to check authenticity.
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    This kit includes - One (1) power supply (13,5V/0.9A Output) - One (1) balance LiPo charger that allows a precise charging of the LiPo battery, managing the charge of each of the 3 cells separately with a 1A max current and maintaining optimum voltage level. - Four (4) power plug adapters (for the US, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Japan).
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    This brand new rechargeable original Samsung EB-F1A2GBU battery for Samsung Galaxy S2 / Galaxy S II GT-i9100 smartphone, contains 1650mAh capacity, using a 3.7v Li-Polymer cell to provide reliable and long lasting power to your Samsung Galaxy S2 Mobile Phone.
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