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RTX 3120 Wireless Phone Jack (Base Unit) - EU version

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The Wireless PHONEJack is the perfect solution wherever you need an extra connection. This well-designed plug can easily be inserted anywhere in your home.

Normally, if you want an extra telephone socket in your home, you need to install wires and other equipment, which can be both expensive and time-consuming.
You can also choose to clutter up your home with a messy tangle of wires below desks, alongside walls, through ceilings, upstairs and downstairs.

But with the Wireless PHONEJack you get an easy, inexpensive and visually appealing solution. And it works with several devices in your home.
  • 50 meters of wireless phone line
    If you want an extra telephone socket in your home, you need to install wires and other equipment, which can be both an expensive and time-consuming affair. Telephone sockets are often in high demand in a home, whether it be for plugging in a telephone, fax machine, PC modem or even a set top box.

    Extra connection
    The Wireless PHONE Jack is a perfect solution for when you need an extra connection. This well-designed plug can be inserted easily and directly into any power socket anywhere in your home without the need for any annoying or visible electrical wires. The Wireless PHONE JACK is a real wireless solution, offering a higher speed than standard power line communication technology.

    1 minute plug and play installation
    The Wireless PHONE Jack makes installation extremely simple, since it is inserted directly into the power socket without incurring any extra installation costs. Installation time is therefore much quicker, since no physical electrical wires have to be installed. Just plug a Wireless PHONE Jack in and communicate – It's simple and easy.

    Reliable communication
    The Wireless PHONE Jack is based on the cordless DECT standard.The telephone jack uses DECT technology from RTX in a special configuration, enabling modem signals to be transmitted at speeds of up to 56 Kbit/s based on the V.34 and V.90 standards. This was not possible with DECT in a normal configuration, but with RTX as the unrivalled leader in DECT, we have been able to expand from the standard 9 Kbit/s to 56 Kbit/s.
  • High wireless modem signals: High-speed analogue V.90/V.92 and V34 modem signals with up to 56Kbit/s (minimum of 28.8Kbit/s).
  • Scalability: Connection of up to 4 extension units to a single base unit.
    Voice call priority over modem and fax calls – both for parallel telephone, telephone on extension and handset
  • Auto conference call: Barge in (auto conference call) between handsets and the external line.
  • Compatible: The base unit supports GAP handsets. Internal calls support for handset.
  • Interface: 1.8 GHz DECT air interface using DECT authentication and encryption.
  • Line interface: European TBR 37/38 with DTMF and optional pulse dialling supported.
  • REN: <0.1REN load from base on telephone line.
  • Two RJ11 plugs on base for connection to PSTN line and plug through to other PSTN services.
  • Power supply: 230V +/- 10%.
  • Power consumption:
    Idle mode: <1W.
    Active mode: <3.1W.
    Active mode ringing: <3.1W.
  • Dimensions: 95x60x75mm
  • Weight: <100g
  • RTX 3120 Wireless Phone Jack (Base Unit) + (Extension Unit)
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